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Deliver Better Pitches, Close More Deals

Share Winning Content and Gauge Prospect Interest

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Engage: Instantly Pitch your Presentation with a Simple Link

Whether your jumping into a live pitch or trying to engage a prospect over email, all the prospect needs to do is click on the link and they're set.

Just select your content and start a session with a single click. Your prospect will have secure access to slides, pdf, video files even website urls

No software to download, no registration, no firewall or large file issues - Now you can focus on selling

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React: Get Instant Notifications when Prospects View Your Materials

ReVu.Me sends instant notifications when your prospect is viewing your deck allowing you to follow up at exactly the right time.

Integrated multiperson chat and teleconferencing are available with a single click. Offer assistance with chat and jump to a teleconference if needed.

With ReVu.Me you can look in on your prospects, watch how they interact with your material and design your approach accordingly.

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Learn: Advanced Analytics Show What's Working and What's Not

Gain insights into which content grabs a prospects interest and which content doesn't. See how many times a slide has been viewed and for how long. Find you most and least viewed content.

See how your sales team is performing and share best practices based on real data.

Share this data with your marketing team and supercharge your sales content.

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Improve: Share the Most Effective Content Across Your Entire Team

The ReVu.Me content library makes sharing any type of sales collateral a breeze. Powerpoint slides, images, pdf files, video even url's can be organized and assembled into custom presentations.

Marketing teams can rest easy knowing that only brand compliant and up to date content is available for the sales team. Update a single slide or piece of content once and it automatically updates slides for every sales exec.

Just drag and drop new content into ReVu.Me or import it from Box, Dropbox and many other cloud fileshares.

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Relax: Everything You Share with Prospects Stays Secure

With ReVu.Me all of your sales materials are stored in our secure cloud so they can be easily shared with prospects.

When you share content with prospects, we establish a secure "session" and invite your prospects to that session.Our design allows prospects to view your material but they can not download it. This prevents them from sending content to someone without your knowledge.

You can even specify when a session expires or expire them manually as you see fit - discontinuing any further prospect access.

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