Volerro's News and Case Studies

Case Studies

Financial Institution Case Study

" Before Volerro, we used email to refine content and gain compliance approval. Then we copied final content into SharePoint to share it with our Wealth Managers. Now we have a single platform that manages our entire Content Production Pipeline. "

Lifetouch Case Study

" Before Volerro, my team was using email and spreadsheets to manage our critical projects for the business. Volerro added a tremendous benefit to our project management and workflow. It's efficient, practical, real-time and it allows for real collaboration among users."

ShopKo Agile Case Study

" My team tried dozens of project and content management tools trying to find something that fit our agile management style. None of the other cloud based solutions were up to the task."

Releases and Stories

Volerro Launches Free Collaborative Document Sharing

" Volerro today launched a free interactive tool called ReVu.Me that allows business teams to discuss and annotate print documents, videos, photos and more in real time in the cloud."

ReVu.Me collects team input on the fly

" ReVu.Me provides a great, feature-rich platform for gathering input from a large number of concerned parties. That it’s free is the icing on the cake. "

Volerro Introduces ReVu.Me

" A New Way for Team Collaboration that Ends Content Chaos "

Volerro Integrates with PingOne

" Single Sign-On for Enterprise Customers offers Added Security and Convenience"